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(Driggs, Idaho - March 14, 2013)— CAST Touring Hardware has launched a Kickstarter campaign for pre-sale and funding of production of the SI&I Alpine Touring Binding System. This will be the only opportunity this season to purchase the new and innovative hardware. By combining the use of Technical and Alpine bindings, the SI&I system allows skiers to tour and ski on hardware specifically made for each activity with no compromise and freedom of choice. The campaign is to last 45 days, from Wednesday, March 13th to Saturday, April 27th. This will serve as the first time the public is able to purchase the system and the boot conversion. If companies are looking to buy multiple systems for retail sale they should contact CAST.

The name CAST is derived from the collective noun for a group of hawks and named in honor of Green Mountain Freeride founding member Ryan Hawks. Ryan possessed an indomitable spirit and never ending love of life. It is Cast’s goal to honor Ryan’s spirit, as well as others who have died in the mountains, by creating quality products that allow for easier access and greater enjoyment of those places where we are closest to them. Organized as an LLC under the laws of the state of Vermont; CAST will create performance Alpine touring products that meet the demands of the most passionate and dedicated skiers.

Developed and tested by the Green Mountain Freeride team; a collective of like-minded, exceptional skiers including Freeride World Tour competitors and brothers Lars and Silas Chickering Ayers. Matt Cherouny, CAST’s head engineer and vice president, brings business experience along with experience in process management, engineering and manufacturing.

“CAST’s product line stemmed from a desire for better equipment and the fact that none of the current touring bindings on the market met our needs,” says CAST co-founder Lars Chickering-Ayers “This is a sentiment shared by many top skiers looking to spend more time in the backcountry but who are unwilling to give up the performance of their alpine bindings.”

Green Mountain Freeride completed three years of design work, prototyping and product testing on the binding system. The Fall of 2012 marks the creation of CAST LLC as its own entity with with its primary facility to the Tetons in the town of Driggs, Idaho.

The primary daily operations of the company will involve the assembly and distribution of CAST’s touring systems in complete sets as well as individual components. The Driggs location will also contain necessary tools and equipment to perform boot conversions for any customers who need their boots made compatible. Additionally CAST will drive the progression of our current systems design as well as the development of products and components to compliment the system. By doing so CAST hopes to become a leader through innovation and dedication to providing products that directly meet the needs of the most demanding skiers. Just as independent companies have created significant changes in ski design over the past decade, CAST hopes to bring this trend to the equipment sector and cause a progression within the ski industry toward products that better serve the needs of the most dedicated skiers.

For more information, please visit us at or at . Check out our Kickstarter page here:

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