Gear Test Week 2014 - Day Two

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Testers were on time this morning (surprisingly) after a small gathering last night that featured the reintroduction of the beermingo. It made for a quiet bus ride to Powder Mountain, which was enough proof that people were feeling the festivities from the night before. Tester Madison Gilmore says, "Between the chili and the 'mingo, my stomach is mad." But testers rallied—Mad Dog included—and unloaded skis and headed back into the storm that piled another five inches before noon.

David Crothers photo
A slow start to the morning for most of the skier, but after skiing fresh pow, testers were stoked. [Photo] David Crothers

Conditions were better than yesterday as the snow kept falling all morning, and blowing snow covered tracks run after run. Veteran tester Eli Moore says the storm was a "five-inch miracle." [Editor's Note: That's what she said]. But even once the sun broke through the clouds mid-morning, the snow kept its softness. "We're just getting started," says Moore. "Everyone is having fun, the snow is good, and we're all hungover…. Just priming the engine for the rest of the week."

skiing powder mountain
Crista Seier freeheeling through soft turns off the Paradise lift. [Photo] Alden Pellett

Foggy eyes and uneasy stomachs didn't stop anyone from getting right to work. Sheridan Davis plowed snow through a cottonwood grove off the Poma lift on the Prior Harmony, which she says are her favorite ski thus far. "The snow has been creamy dreamy," Davis says. "I feel like it makes it easier to test, even though some think it makes it harder to test. But if a ski doesn't stand out today then when will it?" The Vermont native, now Alta transplant, Sheridan has skied five tests with Backcountry Magazine.

skiing powder mountain
Backcountry Magazine tester Mark Rosenberg catching some airtime at PowMow. [Photo] Alden Pellett
skiing powder mountain
Kaki showing good form under the Paradise lift at PowMow. [Photo] Alden Pellett

The testing ended once again with Ambers and I.P.A.s from Upslope—some showed their multitasking skills by toting beers and passing skis in the end-of-day fire line. Says Kira Wirges, "I felt champ." Future tester Oscar Howard added, "Looking forward to the hot tub."

skiing powder mountain
Alex MacLane laying down fresh tracks. [Photo] Henry Yu

For more videos, photos and event antics check the out the Gear Test Week 2014 dispatch page.

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