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All in the Journey: Jordan Manley talks “A Skier’s Journey”

Four years ago, photographer Jordan Manley brought his passion for the lens to videography. He wanted to take a wide-angle look at skiing, and give context to the culture and landscape that skiers encounter while traveling. “There was some amazing ski porn being produced at the time,” he says, “but I felt there was a lack of context.” And so “A Skier’s Journey” was born. He’s now traveled everywhere from Baffin Island to Dubai, and has produced nine thoughtful, artful, travel-based episodes. We caught up with Manley to talk travel, art and transcendence.

The "Accidental Artist": Beneath the Topsheet

Nola Svoboda never imagined one of her designs would land on a ski. But her mountain-inspired graphic will soon adorn some special-edition G3 boards. Svoboda's design, entitled "Compound of Enlightenment," is the November winner of the G3 Skigraphiks Contest, and will be featured on the G3 ZenOxide.

Alta celebrates "de la Wasatch"

Little Cottonwood Canyon is celebrating the life of Tucker Taffe, who died earlier this week while skiing on Mount Rainier. Taffe, 33, was an employee at the Alta Lodge and an experienced and passionate backcountry skier. He is being remembered as a phenomenal athlete and an incredible person.

Back-talk with Mike Marolt - High Altitude Turns on China's Mustagh Ata
Mike Marolt on China's Mustagh Ata

Many backcountry skiers count their vertical in feet. Aspen's Mike Marolt counts in meters—like the roughly 3,700m (over 12,000 feet) of skiing he just savored in April on China's Mustagh Ata. Backcountry caught up with Marolt following his return from the Tibetan Plateau.

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